Caricature by Sagar-Pawar

caricature by sagar pawar

Sagar Yashwant Pawar, a renowned Caricaturist and Architect & Interior Designer, has artistic flair flowing through his veins instead of blood. Currently working as a Principal of a well established Interior Design School, he has been showing his artistic ability in the field of design and art for 3 decades of his career. First ever in Maharashtra to hold a Solo Caricature exhibition in 1997, he's quite possibly the first in the country to have a Solo Caricature exhibition. In 1994 he bagged an award in the All India Annual Caricature Contest held by Hindustan Times, and since then, he has held a number of solo exhibitions of caricatures including series on cricketers, famous sports personalities, Amitabh Bachchan (71 caricatures, in honour of his 71st birthday in 2013), and other movie stars.